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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  August 22, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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about the size of a soda bottle through the kitchen. that home really receiving the mo significant -- the most significant damage. the tornado came in about 3:00 this morning and very few homes seeing anything more tap -- more than minor damage. they have been clearing the debris and making a lot of headway. live in concord, back to you. >> nicole, thank you. ed: another community hit crews have been out clearing huge trees that are blocking roads and it knocked out power to 3,000 homes. most have power back on right now. meteorologist harvey leonard is about to join us now with more on the severe weather. harv, severe weather where it was focused was violent. harvey: boy, was it ever. this was an ef1 storm. we had an ef0 on may 9th of 2013 and we'll talk about the one that just happened.
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and we had springfield on june 1st, 2011. an ef4 in 19903. to give an example of an ef5, one in oklahoma. it was confirmed as an ef1. estimated winds of 100 miles per hour on the ground for about 10 minutes is the estimate from 3:20 to 3:30. the width of theto ground for a half mile. here is what it looked like. there it was. will warning came out about 3:00 a.m. shortly before the tornado occurred and then everything moved rapidly eastward. many of us had beneficial rain. ed: governor baker was out touring the area in concord. >> he toured the tornado damage and met with people whose homes were damaged and
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>> i think the major point i want to make is how lucky i feel we have been here given the voracity of the storm and there was no damage to anybody and limited damage to property. >> the storm by the way caused major tower outages and there are still more than 500 customers without power. breaking news in a deadly accident involving a party bus in eas confirm two women fell out of the emergency window on that bus. one of the women was killed and the other hurt. entourage delivery said the window was clearly marked and they are not sure how it happened. they are now cooperating with police. ed: sky 5 is over a deadly accident where a woman was hit and killed by a pick up truck at an elementary school.
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happened, but the driver of the truck stayed on scene. ed: and running off with rosary beads. >> two people in court robbing a woman no -- woman in training to be a nun. vanessa is accused of pulling a small knife on the victim who wants to be a nun with mary of nazareth. they believe the rosary satchel was mistaken for a wallet. >> it i not in good condition themselves. to carry a knife and to be in that condition, you know i was also worried about them. >> the co-defendant crystal young was also charged with armed robbery and accessory after the fact. police are still looking for the stolen rosary beads. >> the city of somerville is dropping their lawsuit against the wynn casino in everett. they have resolved core community concerns through
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construction on the kaw seep know started -- construction on the casino is expected to open in june of 2019. we are learning new details about a controversial open following policy in massachusetts. ed: they will add a certain foo tour. the technology sends an instant alert to several law enforcement officials when a car with a specific license plate passes under the tolls. this could be used in public emergencies such as anmb concerned about privacy and what they call bulk gathering. >> right now police are trying to solve a disturbing mystery after a woman is found dead. that's the scene on edgewater place where active investigators spend hours. we are told police are called to the home yesterday afternoon for a report of an unresponsive woman. it is not clear how she died so we don't know if her death
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released. >> a new warning about the spread of the zika virus. ed: concern as the virus spreads along the gulf coast. they are saying louisiana is particularly susceptible and the standing water in place some time. the cdc is alerting pregnant women and their partners to avoid travel anywhere in miami-dade county. florida officials are calling on the federal government to step up their >> we have to make sure that we pass legislation. they full looy uh -- they fully attack the virus. ed: the current vaccines are slated to run out at the end of the month. a miami school is back in session with a new plan after a zika virus outbreak. repellant is given to students and they say it is in the zika
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go to class and protective clothe -- clothing is given to the students. >> a week after they -- louisiana was hit by flooding many are unable to go to their homes. shelters are still open for those affected. the flooding damaged an estimated 60,000 homes. right now 40 state highways remain closed. president obama is set to visit some hard hit areas of the state tomorrow. nine states are fighting wildfires. they are along the coast and inland too. what we saw in california has hit the pacific northwest and seven major fires are burning in washington. there is some good news out of southern california where evacuations have been lifted in the so-called blue cut fire. the wildfire has burned 30,000 acres and now more than 80% contained tonight. >> commitment 2016 and donald trump will head to ohio tonight.
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of an uh tment -- an attempt to change the tone of his campaign and sticking to a teleprompter for his last couple events. no word if he will use one tonight. hillary clinton has no public events, bought she has released a new campaign ad. ed: take a look. >> in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. >> knock the >> i know more about isis than the generals. >> and calm judgment. >> and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. ed: clinton spent time in massachusetts fundraising in nantucket and province town as you know. >> and tim kaine is on the road campaigning. he spoke in say december to a group of iron workers. kaine's father owned an iron working and welding shop and
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>> speedo and ralph lauren are pulling their sponsorship to ryan lochte. ed: they said we cannot condone behavior counter to the values this brand has long stood for. lochte fabricated a story that he was robbed in rio after a night of drinking and then he later said he overemphasized. speedo will donate his usual fee to "save the children" in brazil. to afghanistan are at risk from taliban. >> the taliban recently seized a number of nearby districts and threatening to over run the city. >> the south korean military near the border with north korea for the past week for a series of military drills there. and those drills are to mark the one-year anniversary of north korea's shelling of a south korea border town. a new september of joint
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ed: secretary of state john kerry is in kenya and holding talks with that country's leaders focusing on regional security and extremism. the secretary will head to nigeria and discuss its efforts to find corruption from the group boko haram. >> a seven-foot alligator that bought the 2-year-old's head as he went down on the edge of the lagoon. that was according to a final say the little boy died from the bite and drowning. the report also says the alligator may have had less fear of people by being in an area populated with a lot of humans. ed: jerry san sandusky's lawyers are looking at conflicting statements of a man who settled an abuse claim. the man did not testify at the criminal trial and a retired police officer said shortly before sandusky was arrested the mandy need to him that
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appeal hearing for the former defensive coach. >> nine people are hurt and two seriously after a car slammed into a crowd at an outdoor concert. the 75-year-old driver hit the gas instead of the break. she drove on to the dance floor and struck a telephone pole and another vehicle as well. victims of the deadly meningitis outbreak will not be able to speak at a sentencing hearing in november. thousands of dollars after the new england compounding center declared bankruptcy. the victims reaches a settlement with owners and medicare earlier this month, but now a federal judge is denying the victim impact statements saying he did not have a direct hand in compounding the tainted steroid injection. ed: right now police are searching for vandals. >> a foam comes home from vacation and when they did
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their gay pride flag gone. police are trying to figure out if this is random or a hate crime. it is the small gesture by neighbors that is making the family feel safe again. neighbors put up their own flags. they say it is a symbol to show that the vandals are not welcome. ed: new hampshire department of trans transportation say the port malfunctioned over the weekend. they confirm that the long bridge were unable to lift the span all day yesterday. ed: several top new england colleges are dropping their requirement for s.a.t. 2 subject tests. >> they say the tests give little insight into a student's ability and can sometimes work against low income and minority students. thaniel hall is headed back to the 70s. the marketplace will celebrate
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party, and they are celebrating as we speak. this after extensive renovations. acrobats and other performers will take part in the celebration. food merchants even rolled back prices to what they were 40 years ago. ed: thank you for calling it dancing. >> you are pretty good at it. ed: yeah, yeah. >> time to flash floored to the news at 5:00. ed: what was forcing everyone out including the governor? >> on newscenter 5 at 6:00, an important new neighbor. ge moves into the seaport district. ed: and he is known his famous lobster rolls. they are to die for. and his spirit is equally as large even as he faces a health crisis. harvey: and we with i will have more on the rare wee hours of the morning tornado and also look at the air mass
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very comfortable indeed. we'll follow that. >> and following breaking news. dozens of homes in concord. massachusetts has been raided and an ef-1 winds of 100 miles an hour. fortunately nobody was hurt in the storm tuesday morning on the eyeopener, seeing the world with the family on a budget. >> s possible, sneaky ways to saver big when you travel a broader. >> we're cooling down but not for long. tuesday morning starting at 4:30 narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support
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icans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 4:30.
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at the traffic on the expressway. ht ov -- the hov lane is moving and the traffic leaving time in the foreground is going at speed limit. a beautiful sky in the background. everything is almost perfect right now. let's go around the area and hit the update button. let's look at the drive times. even that's a little better. 24 minutes instead of 34 minutes. letsy go up north. first leg of the pike is moving along. we are having few problems to tell you about. wellsley and needham is a mess. the first leg of the pike is okay. the sun doesn't slow you. western tolls at 495 and 495 in both directions is good. mass pike is a seven-minute ride. traffic looks good all in all right now. quarter of 5:00 on a monday. >> maria: let's look at the damage that hit concord in the early-morning hours. not every day we say a tornado hits concord, mass.
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mile-an-hour winds. touchdown in the 400 block to 500 block of lexington road. you can see some of the homes were damaged, but for fortunately there were no reports of anyone being hurt. ed: harvey, i can imagine the shock of people sitting in their homes at that time in the morning. harvey: it did happen suddenly. there was a warning issued at 3:00. but it was 3:00 in the morning. if you have a you can expect. there was no tornado prior to that. as soon as the signal was on radar with the rotation, the warning was issued and a few minutes later the tornado occurred. as you look behind us, take a look. first, no lightning and no thunder at all. ed: this is rare. where did it get the energy? it was at night. harvey: it was very vigorous and a strong disturbance and winds a lot of and strong wind brought down.
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or weather radio to really get it. you have the wcvb app. there you go. let's talk a little more about this. because, you know, it doesn't happen every day. we know that. it was confirmed a half file and that was the length. the width was about 400 yards wide and estimated to be on the ground for about 10 minutes. 3:20 to 3:30 p.m. and then lifting off the ground. it is estimated to be about 100 miles per damage showed trees falling in different directions. they are from different directions. it indicates the circulation of a tornado. an ef-1 falls in the 86 to 100 mile per hour wind zones and here is the scale that shows the strength of the tornadoes. any tornado is obviously a dangerous storm. other dangerous storms are
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a disturbance will come off the african coast and we have another one here that is likely to intensity and another one here. we have fiona which has been hanging on as a tropical depression. wea have to watch the tropics -- we have to watch the tropics carefully. we will be watching them in the newscast throughout the course of the evening. what an air mass followed the weather overnight. it is 79 degrees in boston. and it is so dry and gus northwesterly winds and that makes an incredible difference. we haven't had an air mass this refreshing in quite awhile. the air above us is chilly. it is 65 degrees right now in pittsfield. a feel of fall in the air tonight and tomorrow. gusty northwesterly winds will abate in time. all of us are pretty comfortable and it is becoming more and more comfortable with each passing our on the cape and the islands.
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50s and yes a few 40s are certainly going to be possible overnight. definitely hope you have the windows open already and leave them open and allow the fresh air in overnight. what an ideal day is coming up tomorrow. full sunshine, delightful upper 70s, low 80s, very low humidity. that's really nice as well. as we take you out, you have a couple of incredible days. wednesday will be warmer than tuesday. the humidity will still be under that's wednesday when you can expect nice weather. it does turn more humid and centered around friday. that's when the next front could be approaching us. as the front approaches on thursday or friday there could be a spot storm or two. we could be in business for improving weather and lower humidity for next weekend as well. so it looks pretty quiet overall except for a possible thunderstorm around thursday
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wow. i'll tell you that was some kind of storm and some kind of change in the overall weather pattern for the time being. >> maria: it really was. thank you, harvey. checking your health and a reminder from the cdc if you wear contacts you need to take care of your lenses and your eyes. ed: a study looks at cornea infections from the last decade and some of the top reasons for infection were sleeping with the contacts in and not throwing them out on time and swimming and showering while still >> maria: there will be no nasal flu shots given out. it is just not working during flu season. last year the nasal spray was only 3% effective while the injection was successful 63% of the time. some individual health care providers in massachusetts and new hampshire have made the same decision not to use the nasal spray. >> maria: kobe bryant turning up on wall street today. the new plan he has for his
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students get their school supplies. what is popular on-line this year. we'll tell you about that. and this monday, the first day of the week. checking the numbers on wall street and the numbers show a mixed bag.
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>> maria: checking your economy right now, gas prices are rising. ed: the average cost of a gallon of gas is $2.17.
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and it is still 54 cents lower than a year ago. industry analysts said crude prices are creating problems. >> maria: and they are going on-line for back to school supplies. there were 100 million more. on-line shopping visits according to a marketing firm. shoes, backpacks, electronics are the most popular to order. ed: kobe bryant on wall it is the launch of his 100 million capital fund. kobe and his business partner were investing the last three years. they will focus on smaller businesses that deal with technology and the media. a few things he knows about. ed: gabby douglas is getting ready for a new competition. >> maria: the job where she will pick the winner.
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>> maria: gabby douglas has conquered the olympics and now taking on the miss america pageant. she will be a judge in atlantic city and she says she is excited calling the contestants a, quote, great example of strong women across the usa. ed: jc and i have news for you
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jc: a tornado touchdown. >> the damage that left this community stunned. harvey: what caused the rare tornado and the pattern change that followed. >> a woman robbed with one thing to hand over. >> when she saw the rosary she put the knife away. >> the surprise victim. >> a turtle caught out of the water. the moment you have to see to believe. >> from boston's news leader this is wcvb newscenter 5 the a 5:00. a tornado strikes without warning touching down overnight. an ef-1 with 100 mile an hour wind. it damaged 39 homes in its path. jc: governor baker toured the downed trees and power lines. it is the 14th tornado to strike the state in the last six years. we have team coverage starting with nicole estefan who is
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really hard to believe that with 40 homes damaged and receiving some type of damage not a single injury tonight. there is an ex10ive is clean up underway. >> i woke to the alert on the phone and then it was so quiet that you think they have it wrong. reporter: silence followed by chaos. >> it was crazy, really loud and lots of lightning. >> everything was shaking. we felt a lot of pressure against the walls. destruction from lexington road. an ef-1 using its powerful 100 mile per hour winds to send branches through the walls of homes. >> it sounded like a freight train was coming through. reporter: turning the roadway into a tangled mess of wires and trees and debris. >> it is like a jungle had grown in the road. there was so much sky where there wasn't sky yesterday. reporter: as the crews worked from the ground to the sky to clear an entire neighborhood


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